Holle Baby Formula’s Protein Sources: Goat Milk vs. Cow Milk

Deciding which formula to choose for baby foods, parents have to become familiar with the many nuances of different variations and processes. The latter is associated with the need to meet the characteristics of the baby’s body that establish permissions and prohibitions in nutrition.

Another challenge is to find the right company to buy the right products. However, there are not many difficulties here. After purchasing organic cow milk formula from Holle you will fall in love with this brand. There is no more need to search for a treasure trove of valuable products!

How to Make the Right Choice

Parents in an attempt to find a suitable substitute or supplement for breast milk, figure out the specificity of each product from the diversity of options.

The predominant element of most infant formulas is cow and goat milk in many ways similar. Despite the contact points in the composition and features, each product has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Cow and goat milk are enriched with vitamins and minerals, making them essential elements of infant development. At the same time, they differ in protein content and fat structure, exactly as PUFAs and nutrient levels. Additionally, among the features of goat milk are:

  • saturation with valuable elements, including calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium;
  • more rich sweet taste;
  • very high protein percent;
  • easier digestibility;
  • susceptibility to natural homogenization (contributing to cream consistency);
  • less carotene in nutrition (with subsequent conversion to vitamin A);
  • and much more.
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Although the selected types have many beneficial substances in their composition, it is significant to follow the correspondence with the needs of the baby and the characteristics of the tiny body to avoid encountering unwanted effects.

Rely on a Trusted Manufacturer

Specializing in manufacturing premium baby foods, the Holle brand has become famous for its value system, where safety and health are at the forefront. Moreover, conscientious company representatives do not get tired of work, improving the quality of products and conditions.

Their product range has several variations of infant formula for substituting or supplementing a mother’s milk. Adherent to biodynamic agriculture, Holle guarantees the naturalness of all offered products.

Their baby formulas are based on milk from cows or goats grazing on the best farms. At the same time, the products are equipped with a range of valuable substances, making them the best choice for sensitive tummies.

At the same time, it is possible to pick up food for the baby with special requests. It is about allergies or various disorders of the digestive tract. 

In addition to the safety of the crumbs, Holle pays attention to the care of nature, refusing to introduce various chemicals into farming or resort to dehorning and similar practices.

No matter how old your baby is. The Holle range has products suitable for every age group. The latter means you no longer need to fuss in search of a reliable company. All here!

Final Thoughts

The Holle brand has been pleasing babies worldwide with quality organic products for nearly nine decades. It is about infant formulas and solid foods. Thanks to their hard work, parents of children with any needs will find a reliable assistant here.

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