Tips to Properly Use Wikipedia to Study & Research & 4 Benefits of Using It

(Rolling back a decade)

Whenever school/college students were given an assignment needing proper online research and study, the first source that popped into their mind was WIKIPEDIA.


(Fast-forward to 2022)

Nowadays, many consider Wikipedia to be unreliable for sourcing information. In fact, now, when someone says, ‘you can use Wikipedia for studying and researching for your assignment paper,’ many disagree and even become confused.

Despite the dodgy facts and feeds, the truth is that Wikipedia presents lots of valuable information to academic students for their school/college/university assignment papers. One just needs to learn how to utilise it properly.

This post will share useful tips for Effectively Using Wikipedia for Study and Research.

So, without further ado, let’s kick things off!

Download PDF articles to procure a sizeable amount of information and data for your assignments.

If you need to collect vast amounts of facts and feeds for your assignment paper, you can download existing articles in PDF format. Once done, go through the PDFs properly. This will help you determine what facts are helpful.

Wikipedia is accessible on a wide range of devices. Download them on your chosen smart device and view them whenever you see fit.

From there, you can filter out the information you deem useful and store it somewhere separately.

Visit the Wikipedia page and refer to the bottom left. There you will find the download in the PDF option. Alternatively, you can also choose to print the page.

Consider Wikipedia as Your Starting Point for Your Study & Research

Most online tutors and assignment help writers opine –

The writers and editors who produce content for Wikipedia aren’t experts in the literal sense. This means the information they incorporate doesn’t go through editorial reviewing or peer editing.

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Wikipedia is like the ‘Wild West of Sourcing information in many ways. And respective students (much like you) who want to rely on it for their course assignment work must treat it as a starting point.

Although you should refrain from citing or blindly following the information presented, you can use it to redirect yourself to other legitimate and trustworthy websites to extract data and information.

Use Wikipedia to Compose Your Customised Study Book

If you wish to compose your customised book, you can easily accomplish this using its ‘Create a book’ feature. Through this feature, you can easily make a selection of your sorted or likeable articles.

Click the ‘Add this page to your book’ option and get it in PDF format (easily downloadable or printable).

Keep adding whatever articles you want and create a study book featuring facts and details.

Refer To the Existing Wikipedia Footnotes 

Wikipedia comprises lots of footnotes for every single page. You can use them as they can present precise facts and data regarding that covered topic. In addition, you can use the footnotes to research for your assignment paper and to study.

Moreover, tap on its footnotes when going through the article to see its information source. At times, the citation will even incorporate a redirect link to the site or online PDF that you can use for studying or researching for your assignment work. Moreover, these citations may even deliver a hard copy of the text, article or PDF worthy of your attention.

To avail the benefits of such PDFs, textbooks and articles, copy the citations along with their facts and feeds in a new doc file. Then check them out one-by-one!

Save Articles You Deem Useful Using Pocket Application

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Wikipedia also presents you with a useful application known as Pocket that allows you to store any helpful Wikipedia articles and view them offline whenever you need them.

This makes it easy for you to store all your crucial reference articles in one place and access it easily whenever you sit down to study or write your academic assignment.

4 Clear Benefits of Using Wikipedia (Even Today)

At present, the existing version of Wikipedia comprises approximately 6.4 million articles in 323 languages. Moreover, it is free, devoid of advertisements and presents knowledge on every subject or topic in existence.

Although Wikipedia has many drawbacks, this free online encyclopaedia also has several utilities for students looking to get started with research.

It gives you a general overview of any specific topic and allows you to connect with other information websites or sources.

If you require a general overview of anything- Wikipedia won’t disappoint! There is sufficient information on everything. Plus, you can use many of its included hyperlinks to visit those sites for more useful information.

Wikipedia Delivers Information Instantaneously 

At times of crisis or emergency, when students require quick information, be it for your term test or course assignment, this site is still reliable in many ways.

Wikipedia offers instant information without the wait. Moreover, its software maintains track of every single edit performed. However, if you wish to view the previous version, a simple revert process lets you do that.


Wikipedia Helps You Learn Many Watchwords /catchphrases when dealing with a new subject or topic

As an academic student, you will have to deal with several topics you may not have heard of before. Fortunately, with the help of Wikipedia, you can make this ordeal somewhat manageable.

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That’s right.

Wikipedia helps you learn many familiar catchphrases or watchwords on a new topic. You get a basic understanding of those catchphrases and how they’re utilised. Using that knowledge, you can research further through Google and find more accurate and relevant facts from other information websites- deemed reliable.


You can view information on the go and from any part of the globe.

Let’s not forget the all-important thing. Wikipedia allows you to view information on the go and from any part of the globe. So, whether you are studying or doing your assignment on your laptop/smart device while travelling, rest assured that you will always be able to access Wikipedia pages. But, of course, you will require a stable internet connection to access it.


Final Lines:

As you can see, Wikipedia still benefits students in so many ways. All it takes is to use it tactfully and efficiently.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you use Wikipedia optimally for studying or researching your assignment essays.

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