7 Ways to secure your car from thieves

Do you want to secure your car from thieves? You are probably already familiar with GPS trackers, steering wheel locks, and other anti-theft tools for your car. To be completely prepared for anything, though, you might want to think about adding a few extra security measures that go beyond the norm and might help make your automobile less of a target for thieves. 

The likelihood of discovering your automobile has been stolen can be reduced by being aware of the various forms of theft and being able to see the indicators that a thief is getting ready to steal it.

Here Are Some Innovative Tips To Secure Your Car From Thieves:

Utilize A Baby Monitor While Driving

You can hear everything that happens inside your car thanks to this surprise anti-theft device for cars, which you should put in your automobile. You will hear it if someone attempts to start the car or opens the door.

Wrap The Keys To Your Automobile With Aluminum Foil

Wrap your keys with something metallic to block the signals and defend them against “relay” assaults. The signal from your premium car accessories may be intercepted by gadgets, and thieves can do this without your knowledge. 

Once the signal from your keys has been intercepted, the burglar may enter your vehicle and take it. So, instead of hanging your keys at your front entrance, put them in foil, a faraday bag, your microwave, or even your refrigerator.

Put Your VIN Number On A Window Or Mirror

Your risk of auto theft can be considerably reduced by using this affordable service. To alter their etched glass would cost the thief money and time, which would reduce his gain. The driver’s side rearview mirror window, a side window, or both might have the VIN inscribed on them.

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Hide An Old, Active Smartphone Or Tablet In Your Vehicle

Put an old smartphone or tablet that is synchronized with your Google account in your car where it can’t be seen when you have to leave your car in an area where safety is uncertain. If your smartphone or tablet is connected to WiFi, you may use the “Find my phone” feature to locate your vehicle.

When Parking, Keep Your Tires Towards The Curb

Thieves can’t manage your automobile while it is turned with its wheels pointed in the direction of the curb. This is particularly true if a tow truck is being used. Your automobile is less prone to be targeted if stealing it takes more effort and time.

Use A Variety Of Techniques

Think about putting a GPS tracker on your car and deploying a steering-wheel lock at the same time. This tactic can divert a thief’s attention since once he gets past the first barrier, he probably won’t be hunting for another piece of protection.

Maintain The Cleanliness And Quality Of Your Car

A potential car thief would think that you have a reliable alarm system and GPS to locate your vehicle if it is stolen if they see that your automobile is kept in excellent condition. Keeping your automobile in top condition might act as a deterrent.

A Fast Release Hub Should Be Installed On Your Steering Wheel

When you park your automobile, bring the steering wheel with you. Without the steering wheel, a criminal cannot travel very far.

Whenever You Leave Your Car For Anything, Roll Up The Windows And Lock The Doors

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Roll up your shades and secure the door if you get into a minor collision or when filling up your automobile. Thieves frequently enter your car and drive off when you are in a rush and don’t anticipate anything to occur.

Remove The Spark Plug

Pulling on a spark plug is a simple and effective way to prevent a burglar. Without a spark on the cylinder, your automobile won’t turn over. This is a wonderful technique to utilize in urban areas where it would be difficult for a thief to open the hood and inspect the issue undetected. A car with a coil plug cannot be repaired using this procedure without additional tools.

Beware Keyless Entry

While push-button starters and key fobs are useful, they have also introduced a new threat known as a relay assault. “There are two thieves nearby, one holding an electrical relay transmitter by your car and the other holding an amplifier by you or your home.

According to Cosentino, the amplifier would catch the information from your key fob and send it to the second device, fooling your automobile into believing the key is there. Maintain a safe distance away from doorways and windows when you’re at home to prevent a transmitter from picking up a signal.

No one can ever be completely ready for having their automobile stolen. We hope that you never experience this problem and that these smart suggestions can help you always be prepared to secure your car from thieves.

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