Fruit of the spirit galatians 522 26

The Fruit Of The Spirit

Galatians 522 is one of the many books in the Bible that discusses the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit are described throughout the Bible and taught consistently. In addition, the Holy Spirit reveals His presence to teach and bring revelation to people. Some of the revealed gifts of the Spirit include the following.

fruit of the spirit galatians 522 26

It is common to have the Holy Spirit reveal certain things to a person. These revelations would be related to a special need of the person or just for the person’s edification. For example, it might be revealed that a person has come into Christ because of an injury or illness. The revelation may also relate to a need for knowledge concerning God or the church.

The revelation could also involve the idea of a past sin which the person needs to atone for. Sometimes this past sin is something big such as murder, rape, etc. Others have past sins which they have been unaware of. The Holy Spirit will atone for these sins so that the person can have a clean slate and can be enlightened and prepared for the future. The revealed knowledge will also have an influence on how that person acts and how that person would handle certain situations in the future.

Another revealed gift of the Spirit is the ability to change one’s destiny. This is done by the person working through the gift of prophecy. The Gift of Prophecy involves one being able to see an event that has already occurred in the future coming to pass. It also describes how that event will happen and how it will affect those that are involved. The person then makes plans to help others in the same situation as the one who lived and therefore received the vision.

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It would also be a given gift for anyone to be able to do ministry to the lost. This is an ongoing mission that is done in the ministries all over the world. The Ministry of the Lost would involve the work to bring the lost back into the fold of God and get back what they had lost. They may have been stolen or lost their life, whatever the reason, the ministry would see to it that they find what they were looking for. It also involves the ministry to the lost to bring them back into fellowship with the lost and healed.

The fruit of the Spirit can also manifest in healing a broken soul. If a person has lost a close friend or loved one then the gift of healing a broken soul is available. The Galatia Tree can be a symbol for this because it is said to be the only tree that never bare fruit. It is also said that only the fruits of the Spirit can stand on this tree. If one picks just one fruit out of the bunch then it becomes Galatia.

Many Galatians did not accept Christ when He came to them but many others did. Once the Galatians received Him they began to have His presence in their lives and to minister to others. A Galatian who takes Him as a gift and carries it in his or her life will benefit from what the Lord has promised can only be received by those who receive Him as a gift.

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There are many other types of gifts besides the Galatian fruit of the spirit. These gifts include prophecy, revelation, healing, conversion, healing the sick, wisdom, knowledge, and much more. This kind of gift is not to be taken lightly especially if the person does not have full understanding of these kinds of gifts and how to use them to serve God and fellow men. A Galatian should not keep all their gifts under his belt. Every person should want to have at least one Galatian under their belt so that they can always have a ready supply of spiritual food.

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