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Romans Series Book Reviews

The Romans series by fantasy author Arthurian legend author Sir Leigh Teabing has received rave reviews. Many of these raves are coming from those who find themselves very much fans of the Romance genre in general and the Romans series in particular. They simply love all things Roman and the way it has been depicted in this latest book. And why shouldn’t they? After all, there are a number of reasons why any fan of romance fiction should read The Romans.

For starters, The Romans series is quite easily the best written romance book for beginners to date. It starts off so well that many readers will finish the entire series before the main plot threads even begin. In fact, most beginning romances tend to be a little less than successful, but The Romans by Sir Leigh Teabing manages to start out strong right from the get-go. In fact, some of the first interactions between the main characters and the main antagonist in the book are enough to make any reader eager for the remainder of the tale.

This great start is not the only reason why The Romans series is such a success. In fact, this great tale of romance and culture from the past is also coupled with an excellent plot. After all, if you have a good story, you have a greater chance of including engaging characters in your work. In addition, the engaging nature of romances made by this book also makes them very appealing to readers of all ages.

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Another aspect why this book is such a success is the way it builds up to its end. The first few chapters of The Romans series really set the scene for what is to come, as they detail the rise and fall of several influential families. This buildup also helps readers get a good feel for how romances should be written. By laying out the key events, characters, and locations in this first section, the author lets us know exactly how the story should progress. We also have a better idea of how the story should turn out, both for the happy couple involved, and for readers.

The book’s timeline flows quite naturally. While some of the events do tend to happen in the middle of the book, other events are kept to a minimum. Readers do not need to wait two hundred pages to learn that Cleopatra has fallen in love with Marc Antony. The timeline is also easy to follow because some events are clearly linked to the others. For instance, after learning that Marc Antony and Cleopatra are lovers, we next see Cleopatra dying of a broken heart, which is immediately followed by a vision of Marc Antony dying a violent death at the hands of pirates.

Overall, the flow of this book is excellent. However, I also noticed that the beginning of the book is a bit slow, which may have been necessary considering how rapidly the story progressed. Also, while the beginning of the series focuses on several key points, the middle part drags on a bit too long, which may have been necessary due to the book’s subject matter. I also felt that some things were left out.

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Having said all of this, the Romans series is an overall great read. I especially enjoyed reading the first three books in the series, and found them to be very captivating. Additionally, this series of book reviews also give a nice synopsis of what happens throughout the entire series. I also enjoyed having such a fast forward pace, as I love reading romance novels.

In conclusion, the Romans series is a great book series to read. This is easily one of the best books I have ever read. It took me a while to catch up, but once I did it was exciting to read. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction, fantasy, or romance. Highly recommended to those who are fanatics for clear descriptions and excellent character development.

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