6 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Eye Prescription

Eye Prescription

You might think that once you’ve gotten an eyewear prescription, your work is done. On the contrary, glasses prescriptions require upkeep, and you’ll need to renew yours intermittently. Experts suggest that you get a new prescription every one to three years, but there are some telltale signs you should look out for indicating you need an update sooner rather than later. Pay attention to the following six indications that it’s time to find new prescription eyewear online.

How Do I Know if My Eye Prescription Is Getting Worse?

  1. You have headaches. One of the first indicators that you need a new eyewear prescription is the emergence of physical symptoms such as headaches. This is because headaches can often be prompted by eye strain, and if your eye prescription is worsening, your eyes will likely start to strain. Other physical symptoms you may experience include exhaustion, nausea, or soreness throughout your neck and back.
  2. You can’t see as well as you used to. This is likely the most obvious indication that you need to replace your glasses — you notice that you simply can’t see as well as you used to when you’re wearing your glasses. If you have myopia, for example — another word for nearsightedness—you might notice that you’re no longer able to focus on far away objects. This is a sign it’s time for a new prescription.
  3. Your glasses don’t seem to make a difference. If you notice, too, that your glasses have become completely ineffective, this is a definite sign that you are in need of a new prescription. Finding the right prescription sunglasses for women can be difficult, but when you have a new prescription, it’s simple. Just look for lenses that can accommodate a prescription and add yours.
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Does Updating Your Prescription Make Your Eyes Worse?

  1. A new prescription can help your vision. Some people mistakenly believe that updating their eyewear prescription will worsen their vision. In reality, the opposite is likely to be true. Wearing glasses that feature an older, out-of-date prescription is likely to cause the aforementioned problem of eye strain. Updating your prescription will thus help support your vision — not harm it.
  2. A new prescription can shield eyes from the sun. When you pair an updated prescription with UV protection, you get prescription sunglasses that can protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation. This allows you to enjoy endless fun in the sun without worrying about whether your eyes will be harmed by UV exposure. Choose a pair of prescription glasses that feature polarized lenses if you want to truly optimize your protection.
  3. Adverse symptoms are necessary. You may get the impression that a new eyewear prescription is harmful because you notice adverse effects such as headaches. It’s not uncommon for these symptoms to occur at the same time you get a new prescription, but luckily, they are almost always a temporary occurrence. Rather than throw out your new glasses, give your eyes a week or two to adjust.

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