Psalm 13913 16 set apart

The Day of Prayer – The Prologue to the Fourth Day of Christmas

In Psalm 139, the sixth Book of the Old Testament, we find a beautiful parable involving two families living in different situations. The parents of the families met for the first time when they went to visit the grandparents on their birth. Immediately after they arrived, the grandparents abused both families. They abused both families, thinking that because the parents of the families are so old, they do not remember what they did to deserve these injustices. The parents of the families met each other again a long time later.

psalm 13913 16 set apart

When they returned home, the parents of the original victim were greatly distressed and did not know what to do. The Lord had seen their situation and had turned each of them into a pillar of salt (Psalm 139). That night, the Lord used a magic staff to set apart the couple so that none of them might harm the others, except the one who had abused his spouse.

Let’s use this same parable with our marriage. Imagine a married couple with two little children at home. The couple lives in a peaceful place. The children are perfect angels sent from God to teach and love the couple. But one day, one of the little children reminds the parents that their wedding was not perfect and to get it back there is a constant struggle between good and evil.

The parents of this married couple, upset at their own failures, go out to search for God. They enter into a never-ending conflict between the will of God and the will of man. God’s will is always greater than man’s will. Man tries to make God conform to his will but God always uses the ways He has set for Him.

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So how can we keep God at bay when He is trying to bring us down? The best way is to keep ourselves in His presence. We need to praise and glorify God every day and we also need to humble ourselves before Him. We must remember that He is the one who created us and unless we keep His promise to save us, we will all be lost.

Children are wonderful tools that help keep us humble and waiting for His help. Children can make us realize our dreams and goals. Children can teach us to walk boldly beside God and to stand up for what is right.

The most powerful children that God put in our midst are the daughters of Jerusalem. The daughters of Jerusalem, a people of faith, gave birth to Christ. All the nations had pride in their own selves and looked down on the Jews. But when Jesus came, He swept down the pride of the nations and lifted up the Jews. All those who were willing to follow Him were saved from the hand of death.

We are all guilty of sin. There is only one Lord, one faith and only one glory. We have been given the opportunity to choose our faith, to choose our destiny. We are living in the greatest dispensation that has ever been granted. The time has come for us to take an offering to the Lord and to praise Him every day.

If we spend a majority of our day in prayer, saying our prayers with sincerity and emphasis, then we will praise Him with all our heart. We will draw close to our Savior and feel His presence as though He had personally visited us. We will be filled with His presence. When we do this, then we are using our offerings to draw nearer to God, so that we can receive His blessings. Praise the Lord with all your heart, with love and purity, for He has promised to rescue you and bring you safely home.

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Every day, let your heart praise the Lord and let your mouth be filled with praise. Let your hands speak the word of God and let your fingers speak the word of the Lord. Let your heart feel his power and allow it to be apparent in your life. Let your way be in the spirit of God and let his wisdom lead you in all the paths that he has created. Have confidence in the promises of the Lord, for he has promised to deliver you and help you and none of his ways will ever be a stumbling block for you.

Remember that all men and women are members of the body of Christ and have been given the same commission as Christ did. We all have access to the Father. Through Christ we have access to the Father and through him we can get eternal life with Him. Let the Spirit lead you and let him teach you what it means to be a child of God, and how to enjoy the grace of God and live accordingly.

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