Colossians 323 24 inviting god into everyday

Colossians Three Methods For Inviting God Into Daily Life

In these final two books of Oracle of Delphi, James B.lee addresses the same questions that Oracle’s mother asked him over in previous books. The result is a detailed, rich analysis of the answers required by each of us to move beyond the limits of our personal experience and enter into the realm of the cosmos. And, as he so often reminds us, what we experience there will affect us here, and now, and in eternity. “What you now see/hear/touch,” he writes, “is but part of the picture.” These final two books of Oracle of Delphi offer a new way of looking at the universe and our own life: we need not search elsewhere for meaning.

colossians 323 24 inviting god into everyday

This book begins with a psalm. We are given the words of consolation for our fallenness. “I cannot forget you, O my God, for you are in my heart; I know you are the one that came into my mind to be.” It seems we have all lost sight of who we are since birth, and James B.lee offers us a glimpse back into our divine-human origins. The centering of this book is on the idea that all of our imperfections are, in some sense, points toward the divine spark in us.

Following that are three reflections on marriage. A married couple should remember that their relationship is a two way street. Each person is responsible for their actions and should try to set aside childishness, pride, selfishness, and other negative traits. Reflection on marriage encourages us to find harmony in our lives, to be loving and kind to one another, and to accept the challenges that marriage brings.

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The second reflection concerns family. It is important that families maintain a strong relationship, working together in times of crisis and offering love and support to one another. Children grow up with their families and their faith becomes part of their everyday life. Through the teaching of God’s truth, children begin to understand that they are loved and cared for and that their lives are valuable to God.

The third reflection is on leisure time. God wants us to enjoy His presence in all areas of life. We are granted 24 hours; therefore, we should use those hours to fulfill God’s purposes. During the day we should pursue education, pray, serve others, and enjoy family time. After the evening meal, a person should sit down to share with friends, family, and read the Bible; in this way, the Sabbath day can become a time for relaxation, fellowship, and even meditation.

The fourth part of the book is about leading a successful and meaningful life after leaving the Garden of Eden. Just as Adam and Eve were created in the image and likeness of God; so, we should draw close to Him and follow His ways. We must walk according to His teachings, and we should not walk contrary to the ways of our heavenly Father. He has given us His word, and we must walk in obedience to it. Those who do so find happiness and joy in their walk.

The fifth reflection is about being happy. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were happy when they ate from the tree of life; however, since then, sin has caused misery and pain in life. We are born to enjoy happiness, and we are all able to do so. When we choose to live in happiness, we find that life moves along much more smoothly.

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When we are united with our heavenly Father, and recognize His ways, we will find that life moves much more smoothly. Then, people will be blessed because they know what God wants for them. They know how to get things done because God wants them to. People will also be wise because they follow God’s teaching. And, the elect will have mercy on man because God has mercy on Him. Therefore, we have a choice, we can be apart of God’s ways or we can be part of the ways of the devil.

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