Spiritual Gifts: Teaching


When thinking about spiritual gifts, a lot of times I do not remember about the gift of teaching. As soon as it comes to mind, it makes me think of the people in my life where I have really seen the spiritual gift of teaching come to life. There is some sort of way ease in the way complex concepts of God are communicated that seems to only be explained that it is God. When listening to teachers and preachers, I find myself desiring to have the gift of teaching hoping that I could communicate in such an effective manner.

In James 3, James warns against this thinking in telling us that not many should become teachers because teachers, as he says, will be judged more strictly. He goes on to talk about how important what comes from our mouth is. I believe this is the reason he talks about teachers being judged more strictly. This idea is to convey how important those who teach about God and the ways of God hold an important yet risky position in the God ‘s kingdom. James relates our mouths to being the thing that directs our steps. God using teachers to guide others through what is said through our mouths.

I believe the spiritual gift of teaching is to be desired, but we must desire holiness as we desire to have the spiritual gift of teaching. The importance is not just in that we teach, but what is coming from our mouths. James tells us that though we may try to “tame our tongues,” we must rely on God to do this because humankind is unable to tame the tongue. My encouragement to you and to myself is to continue desiring the gift of teaching , but ultimately desire holiness so that our words may direct others to God.

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God, please tame my tongue because I am unable to do so. Let me guide others toward you and direct my steps to follow more in line with you. Thank you for grace on my life and let me communicate that grace to others in word and deed. Amen

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