Hebrews 1023 25 hope in the gospel

The Day of A Great Bride – Hebrews 1023

The Book of Hebrews begins with the words, “In whatsoever things ye put your faith, believe it.” Then comes a list of those things which we must believe, and to whom we must give obedience. This is followed by ten short verses reminding us of what we have heard, seen, and done. The first three chapters cover the importance of the Word of God, and the last seven describe the final destiny of man.

hebrews 1023 25 hope in the gospel

One of the most important points in the entire Book of Hebrews is found in the words, “The Lord will raise up Him, and His angels shall praise Him.” What this means is that as we become more righteous, the Lord will raise Him up. No matter what has happened, God will still be our rescuer. We just have to trust in Him.

In the next chapter, we find another important statement, “For God is our witness, and His power in Christ,” or as I wrote earlier, in “If you are not pleased that He is Christ, how can you be pleased that He is God?” What we are trying to say is that if we are not willing to take on Christ, then we cannot expect to receive the good news that the Lord has raised Him from the dead. He is risen indeed, but God is our witness that He is Jesus Christ. We have a great opportunity to walk with God, rather than against Him. Isn’t this the good news?

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The Book of Hebrews also promises us that Jesus will raise us from the dead. In fact, Jesus has always raised people from the dead, and will do so again. He has the keys to the kingdom of heaven. If we will trust and obey Him, then we have a great chance to receive his help. The future is known, and we have an excellent opportunity to live in the risen Christ.

In the Book of Hebrews, we learn that God has reserved for believers a special day of celebration. We celebrate on the anniversary of our salvation – the 70th anniversary of our salvation. We have been given a new hope and a new life to live. We know that he is risen.

The first word of the New Testament says that the true and wise man applies the grace of God upon his heart. We must apply the grace of God upon our own heart to understand what it means to be a child of God. We must be wise in our knowledge and in our faith. We should always rejoice in the thought of having done good things, and not dwell on what others did wrong, but think of what God has done for us.

There is a Hebrew saying that reminds us to celebrate life. It says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” This is a reminder, a declaration, that we are not only in the New Millennium, but that we have already achieved much. We are in the presence of our heavenly Father. We have received His gift and His blessings and we can be really proud of ourselves. We can look forward to a new day, a day that will bring us closer to our heavenly Father.

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On that day, we will remember those things that were done right, and we will also remember those things that were not done right. But we should always remember that God has blessed us. He has given us His work for our salvation. We need to recognize that and not get discouraged. We have an awesome opportunity to work with our brothers and sisters to bring glory and joy and everlasting life to ourselves and to our family. We need to take full advantage of that.

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