Mandeville - Orange Flight Group

all students on the same flights


DELTA FLT 383 - 3/10/2018

ATL - KIN || 501PM-753PM 

DELTA FLT 358 - 3/17/2018

KIN - ATL || 900AM-109PM 


Airport Instructions:


  • Please arrive at the International Terminal at 1:30pm (Leaders 1:15pm)

  • Please say goodbye to your parents\whoever is dropping you off before coming inside! We already will be traveling in a large group & want to minimize our crowd at the airport

  • Your small group leader will have your passport ready when you arrive.

  • You will need to eat something at the airport - it will be awhile before we arrive at the hotel after we land!

  • Note: you are responsible for getting yourself to the airport on the 10th & getting picked up when we get back on the 17th!

  • Make sure that BEFORE March 10th that you have texted your small group leaders\staff airport leaders your phone number (Text them your first & last name)


Luggage Instructions:


  • Each person is permitted

    • 1 checked bag (under 50 pounds)

    • 1 carry on (a backpack or duffle bag)

    • 1 personal item (pillow or small purse)

  • Carry on Items:

    • DO NOT include any liquids, gels greater than 3.4 ounces, knives, nail clippers, scissors, anything sharp, etc.

    • Please check DELTA airlines for further regulations\rules

  • Weigh your luggage the night before please!!


Airport Leaders: (Please call if you are running late):


  • Ashley Gibson: 678-315-9272

  • Adam Salway: 706-305-8436

  • Morgan Reed: 678-448-6521



For Base:

- 2 rolls of toilet tissue

- 1 plastic jar of sun butter or wow butter (no peanut butter) (NOT IN CARRY-ON)

- 1 plastic bottle of jelly (NOT IN CARRYON)


- Nice clothes for church/schools (will wear 2-3 times)

- Girls: knee-length skirts/dresses, no spaghetti straps or sleeveless tops.

- Guys: khaki pants, polo/golf shirt

- 3 to 4 pairs of work clothes (old t-shirts and shorts)

- Mid thigh shorts, no sleeveless or spaghetti straps

- Swimming Suit

- Girls: one piece, or dark shirt over sports bra

- Guys: trunks

- Bathing suit cover-up

- Flip flops/Chacos (to wear around the base/in the shower)

- Old tennis shoes for construction work

- Clothes to wear around the base and home

- Feminine Products

- Pajamas

- Long sleeve t-shirt/hoodie (for night)

- Mandeville, more. It can get windy.

- Light jacket/ light rain coat

- Socks (5-6 pairs)



-Bug Spray


-Warm Fuzzy Gifts

-Cards, games, spikeball etc.

-Hand Sanitizer



- Paint Brush and Paint roller/nap

- Soap/shampoo/other toiletries

- Book bag/smaller bag than suitcase (can be your carry-on)

- Pillow/pillowcase/1 set of twin sheets

- Bath towel/ washcloth

- Beach towel

- Bible/journal/pen

- Sunglasses/hat/bandana

- Sunscreen

- Water Bottle

- Sturdy work gloves

- Cash for 2-3 lunches, snacks, souvenirs, etc

Do Not Bring

- Hairdryers, straighteners, electric razors, etc.

-Laptops, tablets, or other electronics!

-Carry-On: ANY liquids/gels greater than 3.4 ounces, knives, nail clippers/files, scissors, anything

***Each person is permitted 1 checked bag (which MUST weigh no more than 50 pounds), 1 carry-on, and 1 personal item (purse, pillow, etc.)***