Montego Bay

Today we split our team in half and took some people to an infirmary and some people back to the disabled children’s home at Westhaven. Our teams were able to love the Jamaicans who are often overlooked and ignored by society. The simple gesture of just spending time with these people is a powerful way for them to know that God loves them. This afternoon we went back to the base and spent a good amount of time praying for the community we have been in the past few days and the Jamaican island as a whole. All week God has been developing in our team a passion and love for the people here and we were able to pray for God to come and do everything we want Him to do see do in them, through them, and for them. We are all exhausted, but we are finishing the week strong!

Port Maria

Since we didn’t go back to our worksites today, we were able to just spend time with the people of Jamaica. We went to the Port Maria Infirmary, where we just got to pray over, worship with, and care for the people who live there. There were a lot of cards and dominos played, while we got to listen to the many stories the patients told us. It was a fun day of just experiencing everyday life with the incredible people of Jamaica. We also took some time to pray for the people we met, the work being done here, and just for Port Maria and Jamaica as well. We are so full of what God is doing here! Pray that we would continue to listen to what God has in store for us as our trip starts to come to a close.

St. Ann's

Today we switched things up and all went to a high school where we got to hang out and have a good time with the students there. It was so fun! It’s neat to see that even though we come from different countries and cultures - we are all really just the same. When we returned, we took some time to pause and pray for Jamaica. Tonight, we got cleaned up and went out to dinner together as a team for some jerk chicken! Yummmm! We had a ball and took lots of pictures! Tomorrow, we head to Ocho Rios to meet up with some other Freshley groups.


We spent the day doing outreach in the community. This morning we visited an infirmary where we had time praying, reading, singing, brushing hair, and painting nails of the people who live here. The rest of the afternoon was filled with time at a church praying over Jamaica. These experiences really moved the hearts of our students. It was obvious how God was expanding their view of who He is and showing them what it means to love those who have been rejected by everyone else. This led to really in depth discussions in small group and powerful worship. It’s amazing to see how in only 5 days God can take a group of students and open their eyes to a new reality.