Montego Bay

This week is really flying by! Today was the last day we split up and went to our different work sites. One of the other sites we have been at all week an orphanage called Robin’s Nest. Our team has been able to play with the kids and minister to the workers there as well. We have also had a work site at the YWAM base we are staying at. The directors of the base are in the middle of renovating the base and making it able to house bigger teams. We have been able to clean and paint for them and do lots of other small projects to help them out. At both of these sites and the other two that we have been at all week, we have put in a lot of hard work to help meet the physical needs of the Jamaicans but also worked even harder to meet their spiritual needs as best as we could. More than giving them anything though, I think they encourage us more. Through the sites we have been at this week we have been able to witness the local believers simple, yet powerful lives. Relationships are still being made and growing stronger within our team and everyone is still having an amazing time.

Port Maria

How is it already Wednesday??!! Today was our last day on our worksites! We have been working had to complete our projects since Monday, and we’re definitely finishing strong. God has revealed himself so much while we’ve been working in this community. He will continue to use our projects long after we are gone, and that has made a lasting impact on each of us. We’ve done a lot of hard work, but the best part has definitely been getting to know one another while working so closely together. Being able to take in the relaxed and easygoing culture of Jamaica has definitely allowed us to just take in and enjoy all that God has prepared for us. Our Jamaican friends that we have met and been living alongside of this week have taught us so much about just having fun! We have really been encountering what God is doing here through our work, downtime, and group hangs. Even though we won’t be on our worksites anymore this week, God still has so much left for us to do. Stay tuned for what’s to come!

St. Ann's

We did the dang thing!!!!!! Today was our last day of worksites and we all really pushed through to finish every project. The paint at the church and primary school look amazing!!!! The concrete work gave us triceps of steel!!! Overall, the Jamaicans we served expressed genuine appreciation as we partnered with them in loving their city. Our students have built awesome relationships with the people we’re serving and our team has become so close in just a few short days. After each day of worksites, the students meet in small groups and we're really excited about today's small group time! Tomorrow we have the privilege of going to a high school to experience their educational environment. The week is winding down but God’s not finished yet!!!!


Today was the last day on our worksites! We’re sad that our work time has come to and end here in Mandeville but we’re amazed at all the conversations, relationships, and blessings that God has allowed us to partner with Him in this past week. Our students have grown in knowledge of who God is, His heart for Jamaica, and community with each other. These next few days will be a change of pace for us, we will be doing outreach tomorrow in the community by visiting a local hospice. We often go to this site when we are in Mandeville and it has become a really sweet time between our students and the Jamaicans who we visit yearly.