Montego Bay

Day 2 of worksites is in the books! Today we went back to site but everyone went to a new place. One of the other sites we are at all week is called Westhaven. It is a home for physically and mentally disabled children who don’t have families. It was probably the most challenging thing that our team will do all week. We were able to play with the kids, whether that meant pushing them around in their wheelchairs or sitting with them and holding their hand. We were also able to help the workers as they work long hours and the work is very physically and mentally taxing. We were also able to pray for them and minister to them in any way they needed. It was truly a humbling day getting to serve the kids and staff there. Team morale is really great and everyone is still really enjoying the trip. This evening met as a large group and also in small groups again. You can tell God is really forming friendships and allowing the team to grow together even more.

Port Maria

Day 2 of Worksites is in the books- and you can tell! Our team is getting in a groove of what it means to be servant leaders!!! Some of our students have stayed on the same worksites and other have shuffled around- both being able to sow into the progress of the last day. It is really cool to be able to see our progress evolve from nothing to something other people can join in on. One of the best parts about our worksites is seeing our students work together as a team as well as work alongside the people of Jamaica and learn about their culture and lifestyle. It is so beautiful to see people united in love and service. When we get back we shower (some students claim jumping in the pool establishes the same goal) and chill with one another! We go to the beach, the pool, play games and get ready for dinner and our night session. Please pray that God would keep on coming! We want these night sessions to be a time when our students are refueled and leave more deeply in love with God!

St. Ann's

Another great day at our worksites! Some people returned to the same site they went to yesterday and some switched it up and went to a new one. It’s pretty hot and we are working hard, but the worksites have been so upbeat and fun! Our nights are being spent with a teaching and worship and then staying up late with everyone to hang out together. It’s clear that everyone is starting to become friends and that our team is feeling like family.  We are having so much and are so excited for our last day at worksites tomorrow to finish up the projects we’ve been working on!


Day 2 of the worksites has been completed! It was encouraging to see how motivated the team has been to really devote themselves to physical labor.  Almost every student got to experience a new worksite today. Some of our team has continued working on building a home for a family, while others have been working on building a foundation for another house.  We have been sure to take a lot of care in how we work on these projects as we want to honor our Jamaican friends in every way possible. Few of us can match the intensity of the Jamaicans who are helping alongside of us, but we have learned so much from them. They take great pride in their work and have a lot of fun while doing it!  All in all the worksites have gone really well. We have also seen God show up in big ways in our team meetings as the students gather to worship together. We have had really good prayer time together, getting to pray for one another and just have quiet time with God. We are just getting started!