I matter?

“You Matter” we say it all the time at Wesley. It’s true, you do. God died for you so you must matter to him quite a lot actually. But for the large majority of us that is not a hard idea to buy into. We look at our friends, our classmates and we say with conviction, “yeah!, you matter!!, they matter!!!”. But often times the inverse is said much quieter with some different punctuation, “... i matter?” and is quickly followed with some look for validation, “do I?”. It is honestly very sad and way too common. We so easily believe this about other people but have a hard time seeing value in the ones looking back at us in the mirror.

Too often this belief is rooted in a wrong understanding of value in the first place. We frequently measure with a measuring stick not measured by inches, but rather by man’s approval/talent/ability/you name it, and we always fall short. But what we are failing to realize is that our value is not based on our ability -  that would always fluctuate. People matter because God has given them infinite value. You, too have been given infinite value.

God chose to step into time, to take on all the sufferings of being human to pursue relationship with you. Because you matter to him. Even more you were “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). When Paul is talking to the church of Corinth, he encourages them in their different roles in the church and body of Christ. He tells them that there are many different roles but that without everyone owning their roles, the body wouldn’t work properly. For example, if the mouth wished it was a hand, there would be no speaking. You were created on purpose for a purpose. You were fearfully and wonderfully made to be who God has created you to be. When you begin to understand who God has made you to be and why your heart beats for certain things and then chase them- when you believe that you matter -you empower those around you to also be who they were created to be. That is the kingdom of God working from a place of truth.


“Father, teach me to love who you have created me to be. God teach me that I matter, that the things that I say matter to the people around me, that my actions have power. God I ask that you would awaken me to who you have created me to be and lead me there. Awaken me to purpose. I love you, help me love you more.