God has community for you

All week we have been talking about community. Why it matters, how to be intentional and vulnerable, what it means to break the silence, and how to be friends with people not moving in the same direction as you. But what if you feel like you still don't have community in Athens? While it may be difficult to imagine, God has community for you.

If you are looking for community, be sure that you are praying about it. Maybe even let people you trust back home know how you are feeling so they can be praying for you. Maybe let your small group leaders know so they can help as well. As much as possible, let people you trust know what you are feeling so they can be praying for you and supporting you.

taking risks

Also, don't lose hope. It's not too late, and just because you don't have community currently doesn't mean that it isn't on the way. Along with prayer, also try putting yourself out there more. What I mean by that is try things that you normally aren't inclined to try. As you take risks, God will honor those risks with fruitful relationships.

I remember my sophomore year I had just transferred to UGA and had some people who I had made friends with but didn't consider them my "people". Long story short, they all were really into soccer, but I could barely get by in kickball. I knew I wanted to bond with them more, so I started to very poorly attempt to play soccer with them as much as possible. While that's by no means the riskiest thing I've ever done, it was outside of what I was used to. Being able to play soccer with them more often led to deeper conversation, better relationship, and healthy community, but it all started with something very simple.

Just a reminder to those who would say they are satisfied with their community: never grow complacent and never close yourself off. Don't let your community become watered down, and always be open to people who you can invite into your friend group. You never know what a simple invite can do.

- Nick