We’re going to take the concepts of community/relationships and make them practical. Communication is the core of relationship building. There is something tangibly powerful about speaking up. Choosing to start a conversation forms new friendships. Talking about personal issues leads to progress and healing. Asking about other peoples’ lives shows that they matter. We cannot ignore the benefits of breaking the silence and speaking up.

Yet, too frequently, we make excuses for why we shouldn’t —it’ll make them uncomfortable, they don’t want to talk right now, it’s not the perfect timing… So often we talk ourselves out of talking, and we lose opportunities to connect. Even if starting a conversation would be outside your comfort zone, God always uses our risks to develop our growth.

With all this being said, the challenge for you today is to break the silence. It doesn’t have to be super complicated; we’re just going to take advantage of today to have meaningful conversations. Here’s some options for you guys:

  • Ask your home friends how college has actually been for them. Are they content? Do they have community? Are they pursuing God?
  • Share with someone how college has been for you—be honest and vulnerable. It’ll probably lead to other peoples’ vulnerability.
  • Ask your family how they are doing. The more specific, the better.
  • Ask your college friends how they have been doing spiritually over break.
  • Contact a friend from small group just to check in.
  • Share your appreciation for a friend/family member, telling them what you like about them or what you’re grateful for.

This might be one of the most natural things you do, but for some people it might be a little awkward. If it’s awkward, that’s okay. The more you choose to speak up, the more normal it becomes. We were never made to live in silence. We were never made to keep our souls quiet. Make a choice today to break the silence.

- Tim