what's the big deal about prayer?

When you are wanting to be in relationship with someone, communication is pretty important. It’s really hard to be friends with someone, to know and be known by them, if you have never actually talked to them. A relationship with God is pretty similar. He knows you because he created you, but as far as your own vulnerability and honesty go, you control that. God wants to know you, desperately, but he gives you the option of whether or not to pursue relationship with him.

This is, among many other things, what prayer does. It allows our hearts and minds a way to invite God in. Jesus teaches us how to pray in Matthew 6. It begins with modeling our approach to God as “Abba”. That translated is a name for Dad that a young child would say, similar to “daddy or dadda”. It begins with intimacy, it begins with closeness, throwing all rules and formalities out the door, highlighting relationship. Also included is the desire for the ways of heaven to invade earth by asking aloud for them. It is awesome that God encourages us to ask for the things of heaven, like freedom, healing, peace, joy, and intimacy, because he wants to do those things in our life. This prayer includes asking for forgiveness and for help. It encompasses just about everything; that we get to come to God from a place of intimacy, that we can ask him for things, that he will help us, and that He is where we find forgiveness.

what should you pray about

So you can talk to God about literally anything. For some, that is incredibly freeing, for most that is intimidating. But the best place to start is honesty, even if that means saying, “Hey God, I don’t know where to start.” This week I want to challenge you to talk to God and be honest. If you have had a hard semester, if you are nervous about the break, let him into that place in your heart. If you are thrilled about how awesome things are going, rejoice with him! Whatever it looks like for you, talk to God regularly, and invite him into the deep spaces in your heart.


“Father, I want to know you, and I want you to know me. I want to live in all the things you died for me to live in. I ask that over this break you would take me deeper into intimacy with you God. Honestly I’m feeling (tell him how you are honestly feeling) and I really want you to (tell him what you want him to do). I love you, teach me how to love you more.

- Merrick