There are many ways that the enemy can discourage us in our faith when we go home, and one of the ways he does that is by decreasing the time we spend with God. Whether that looks like becoming lazy in our pursuit of Him or being surrounded by people who aren’t pursuing Him, it’s easy to get in the habit of old routines. The lie that I most often believe when I’m at home is that I deserve to rest. That I did all that I could do throughout the semester to better myself, and now it’s my time to do what I want. However, choosing to believe that lie has actually never made me feel well rested. Instead, I felt drained, stuck, and more importantly not myself. It is important to not let the comfortability of home prevent you from taking a chance on all that God has for you.

create some space

When I decided that me & my relationship with God was worth the fight, that’s when things started to change. Creating space for God to move over break has revealed to me how He sees my friends that aren’t Christians, the promises of restoration God has for my family, and that He has prepared a way for me to receive His love. Because I didn’t have the routine of going to Freshley, I had to start making my own routines. I would lock myself in my room and write letters to myself from God’s point of view. I would go on drives listening to worship music and praying to Him along the way. I have even gone on a walk in my neighborhood or to a coffee shop to just process with God about what I was going through, inviting His truth to speak into my situation.

Spending time with Him doesn’t have to look structured or the same thing every time. God can move through those classic quiet time devotionals, but He can also move in a lot of other ways too. Jesus literally went up on a mountain, into the wilderness, and away from distractions because everything the Father had to say to him was worth hearing. The point of spending time with God isn’t to check it off your list but to actually retreat so that you’re in the best place to receive. The more I saw the value in this and got creative in my time with Him, the more I began to understand why I even chose a life with Him in the first place.

Winter break is not supposed to be a break from God! God can & wants to move in your life & the lives of those around you just as much on break as He does in Athens during the school year. Our challenge to you today is to not fall into the trap of laziness\disconnect from God by getting creative in your personal time with God today! Try something new & see how God shows up!

Ways You Can Retreat:    


  • Write a letter to yourself from God OR a letter to God from you
  • Listen to scripture rather than reading it
  • Do your version of “Go on a mountainside and pray”
  • Eat a sandwich with God - make yourself lunch & sit & talk to God
  • Go to a coffee shop & spend time praying\journaling\reading your bible
  • Write a spoken word/poem about a verse or word God has for you   
  • Go for a drive and talk to God
  • Do something you love and add God to it. If you love to paint, paint and talk to God. If you love to play basketball, shoot hoops and talk to God. He created you uniquely -he wants to speak to you in unique ways!
  • Turn off the music during your quiet time and put your phone in a different room - TOTALLY disconnect. Sit in silence & ask God to speak into what is going on in your life!
  • Go on a prayer walk with God

- Sarah C