picking up where we left off

So, if we know that a relationship with God is important and is supposed to be a dynamic, intimate friendship, that leaves a question that I think a lot of us have or have had before – what does it mean to spend time with God?

connection is the goal

There is no “correct” way to spend time with God. There is no formula or path or secret answer that God wants to reveal to us after months and years of trying to figure it out. Quite simply, time with God is being near to him. Connecting with him. Quality time. Quiet time. Talking, praying, listening. It can be called or look a million different ways - that’s part of the beauty of God. He created us differently, so of course he wants to spend time with us in different ways.

Jesus teaches us one aspect of spending time with God in Matthew 6:6 – “But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you”. We’ll talk more about prayer later this week, but the big thing to note about this verse today is the one-on-one, private, just you and God kind of time Jesus is talking about. God wants all of you when you spend time with Him, all of your focus, no distractions. The bottom line is – God just wants to be close to you. Everything flows from intimacy with him. If nothing else – spend some time with Him this winter break. It takes time to figure out how you love to spend time with God, just like it takes time to get to know a friend. You can’t mess it up, either. It’s foolproof – He’s not going anywhere.


God, thank you that you want to spend time with us. Thank you that you are a God that is personal and knows just what we need, even more than we do. Today and this winter break, teach me what it means to spend time with you. Show me what a life of being close to you looks like. Amen.

-Sarah T