When you are working, what is your motivation? Is it fear or praise of man? Wanting to impress the people around you? Wanting to earn favor from God?

I get that. Often when I am doing work, I am tempted to do it for reasons that are ultimately fruitless. However, I believe that when we do things out of a love for God and out of a place of honor, then things shift.

When we do things out of fear or for praise from man, even if we do our best, we can end of disappointed. Because if we do what we know is good or our best and someone is disappointed in it, we still fall short.

When we do things wanting to earn favor or love from God, we are totally missing the mark. Because 1) God is so great and powerful and big, that we could never actually do something that would earn His love. It will always fall short. 2) God is SO good and SO kind though, that we have full and complete access to His love and admiration. So, there is never a reason for us to have to earn His love.


However, we can do things out of love and honor. Whenever I’m doing pretty much anything, I tend to do my best work when I remember God. When I simply remember that the things that I am doing are marked by God, I want to do them well because I love Him. I want to bring honor and glory to His name because He is so worth it. But then when I also realize that I don’t have to earn His affection, I am able to work hard without fear of failure. I can work in excellence without fear of not reaching it.

When we operate in love, it’s easy to operate out of honor. When I am working in any context, I want to honor God. Because I love Him and I know that He loves the people around me, I want to live a life that honors the people around me. I want to love them without fear of failure.


It means knowing that if my parents are supporting me in school, I want to honor them by studying hard for my test. But it also looks like know that if I don’t get an A or B on every assignment, it’s okay because I know that God is greater.

It looks like going above and beyond to love my friends because they are worth it, but not because I want to earn their love or operate out of fear of rejection.

It looks like cleaning up doing your designated work in the group project (maybe even a little extra) because you want to do things well and without complaining because you want to honor your professors and classmates.

When we work out of love and honor, things shift. Failure doesn’t matter as much. And we are relieved of pressure. It’s crazy how simple it can be. God is cool like that. :)



God, thank You that you call me into excellence. Thank You that You are also okay with mess and failure. I acknowledge and celebrate that You are bigger than it all. I love You. Amen.