Dear freshmen year me:

I know that right now things seem weird. You’re in that in between of letting go of your old life but also not yet fully understanding what this new life with God is going to look like. Let me tell you: this life with God is going to be incredible and soooo worth it.

I know that you are SO excited about God right now and everything He is doing in your life. Hold onto that excitement. You don’t have to strive, but also let that fire burn within you. There’s no need to put it out.

In the excitement of these new beginnings with God, I know that you keep thinking: How can it get better than this? What more could I want?

To that I say: You’re just dipping your toe in the water. You’re experiencing the full reality of the water, and you’re so aware of how it feels on your feet, and you can see its beauty, but dang there’s so much to come. You’re going to keep wading into that water and experiencing more and more and more and more and more and more of God. And it’s going to be good.

I don’t want to tell you every single way it’s going to be good because I want you to experience the surprise. I want you to know the absolute joy it is to seek God out. But I’ll tell you a few things:

  • Freshley Prayer is absolutely going to rock your world next year. It will be one of the very best things that has ever happened to you. God will meet you there, and you will be forever changed by His presence and His goodness.

  • Those journal entries where you pray and pray and pray to God for those friendships that you really long for… those prayers will be answered. And it’ll be in the best, most unexpected ways.

  • I know that there have been some hard things in your life. It’s going to be so cool, and so sweet, but God is going to redeem those situations and mindsets. You won’t even be looking for it, but He’s going to do it.

Also, here’s a little advice:

  • DO NOT SETTLE. When the people around you tell you to settle for less than the good things that God has for you, don’t listen to them. Look at the crown of worthiness that God has placed upon your head, and KNOW that that is for you.

  • Do the hard things. Have the hard conversations. Hard conversations are good for everyone. And best yet, they’re full of love.

  • Do not give up. When every direction points to giving up, just don’t do it. Give it up to God, but do not give up your hope.

  • God will answer His promises to you. He just will :)

  • Continue to show up. Even when it’s hard. Even when you feel like your presence doesn’t matter. Show up. You being there matters.

  • I am giving you permission now to know that God loves you. People love you. You bring value to the table. Be confident. Go up to people. Talk to the people you know and those you don’t. Don’t short people of who you are. Be brave. And love yourself. You’re fun, and you’re a good friend :)

I want you to know that if you just keep saying yes to God, it’s going to be good. Just because it’s hard, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. And just because it’s hard, it doesn’t mean it’s not good. He’s going to meet you there. God is all sorts of wrapped up in your story. It’s really fun. He’s really fun. I’m proud of where you began. God is waaaayyy more proud of you than I could ever be. Your life is going to be reeealll fun. I love you a lot. And God loves you infinitely more.

I’m excited for you to find out the adventures that are ahead of you. But you’ll know what they are in due time.

Love you.


Hannah, age 23