Dear Freshmen Natalie,

God loves you so much. He has seen every part of your story. He has been with you when you have felt alone, when you have felt rejected, and when you felt like no one really knew or understood you. He is the most loving Father and the most accepting Friend. You can trust him with every single part of you; the parts you aren’t proud of, the parts you are scared to show, and the parts that need His love.

You will find your people. You will find your place. You will find your voice. You will not live silenced much longer. More importantly than all of that, you will find God. You will know Him deeply. HIs voice will be your guide. You will believe Him for crazy, impossible things. You will learn How to trust Him deeply. The biggest thing I can tell you is to trust that God is writing your story. I know you have heard this before but looking back over the last six years I know that it is true. All you have to do is be faithful and seek him with all of your heart. I firmly believe and know that He will take care of all the rest.

God will heal you and He will do it in the most crazy unexpected of ways. He will give you people who believe better both for you and about you. He will go to the greatest of lengths to prove His love for you. You are so incredibly worth it.


Present Day Natalie

He is worth it. Just be faithful and seek Him.

The biggest thing I have learned both throughout college and then the couple of years after here at Wesley is that God is always, always worth it. As a freshmen, I had so much fear as to what my future would actually look like. I struggled with the need to control and a lot of striving, but God has been faithful to show my over and over again that He writes my story and that He has so many good things for me. I know that this is something that we hear often. I know as a freshman I heard it all the time. Trust God! He is good! It took me a while to reconcile this truth with all of the decisions I had to make and everything in front of me that felt so overwhelming, but the truth is just that you don’t have to build your future. All God requires of you is that you be faithful and seek Him. That is literally it. He will absolutely take care of the rest. I promise and so does He.

He sees. He knows.

One story in the bible that speaks so deeply to me is the story of Hagar. While I am not a cast out servant stranded in the wilderness expecting a child, there is something so deeply pure about this story. Hagar cried out to God and he showed up for her. In Genesis 16, Hagar says, “I have seen the one who sees me.” Here she gives God the name, El Roi, or the God who sees. How powerful is that statement? If I could tell my freshman self anything, It would be that God sees you. He has seen your past. He sees what you are currently facing and He sees the future. He will not leave your side. He is the most understanding God and He will take care of you.