“Your word is a lamp to my feet, a light to my path.” [Psalm 119:105]

Think of Jesus the Good Shepherd. How does He lead His sheep? It says in John 10:4, “his sheep follow him because they know his voice.” Jesus leads us by His words. So how else will you follow God’s path for you life unless you know His voice and His words? Well, you can’t. That’s why the Psalmist describes here God’s word as a lamp and a light. Because without it, it’s like stumbling in the dark. If we don’t know what God’s words are, if we don’t know the Gospel, then we are no better than a blind man trying to cross a 5 lane highway.

You will never walk the path in life God has laid out for you unless you know His word. Now when I say His word I don’t mean just knowing the Bible. I’m talking about knowing His character. What are the things that only God would say to us? There are so many counterfeit voices out there that we have to learn what the real thing is. Do you know how cashiers are trained to detect counterfeit money? It’s not by studying counterfeits, it’s by studying the real dollar bill. It’s only when you know the real thing that you can tell what’s fake.

So know God’s word isn’t just knowing the Bible, but it absolutely does start with knowing the Bible. The Bible is the only book in the world that’s stood the test of 1,000’s of years, kingdoms and countries rising and falling, yet it still proves true. The Bible isn’t fake. God’s voice isn’t fake. How are we to navigate this life without knowing the one Bible that God has given to His Church so that we might still be able to read His stories and testimonies? We do not make the Bible an idol. We hold it in reverence, yes. But it’s not about knowing the Bible just for the sake of knowing a book. We seek the Author of the book rather than the book itself. The Bible is the Author’s gift to us. An entry point to knowing Him. I only want to know the Bible to the extent that I want to know God. I want to know my Creator. That’s why I read the Bible.

And as you read the stories of Jesus and understand the kind of man He was and the kind of God He is, you ask Him to speak to you personally. Heck, wherever you are right now, ask Him to speak to you. He might speak to you through your thoughts, another person, a crazy coincidence or maybe even the Bible… but the point is that He is faithful to speak to you if you seek Him. In fact, He is speaking to you. We’re just hard of hearing. He is the light leading us on. We just have to train our eyes to see Him and our ears to hear Him. Ask Him to light the way and He will. No caveats. Ask Him to show you the well-lit path and He will do it.