He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

   I will be exalted among the nations,

   I will be exalted in the earth.” [Psalm 46:10]

We live in a very fast world. Everything is on a schedule. We are always connected to other people to technology. There is always something to be done. There is always more studying you could be doing. There is always someone you could hang out with. There is always another episode or movie to watch. There is always another picture to look at or post to read.

What if I sometimes chose to do nothing?

That might sound crazy, but what if we sometimes took time to simply be in our thoughts? What if we took intentional time to evaluate ourselves? What if we regularly reflected and turned inward, instead of always doing something outward?

Here is the problem that so many of us have: we don’t like what happens when we stay in our heads for an extended amount of time.

When we are quiet and still too long, we get anxious. When we are quiet and still too long, we get insecure. When we are quiet and still too long, we feel like we are losing control. But this Psalm says that when we are still, we should know that God is God. That is what should be on our mind when we are still, and turn inward.

Here’s the truth: if you love Jesus, you have the Holy Spirit inside of you. Whenever you turn inward into your thoughts and feelings, you have the opportunity to experience the living God within you. Instead of turning inward and feeling anxiety, you have the opportunity to tell God that you trust His faithfulness and not give yourself over to that anxiety. Instead of turning inward and feeling like you are wasting time, you can know that God loves you and wants to know you deeply. Everytime you choose to say no to DOING something, and say yes to REFLECTING inward, you give your soul the food that it needs to sustain.

To end you can pray the prayer below, but I also challenge you to at some point today bring yourself back to a similar prayer. At some point today you will have the opportunity to do something, and don’t get me wrong, doing things aren’t bad. But I want you to sacrifice doing something, at least for a few minutes, and let yourself turn inward towards your thoughts and feelings. Evaluate where you are and speak over yourself that God is God. He loves you deeply. He knows you deeply. He wants you to love Him deeply. He wants you to know him deeply. He has you.



Father, thank you for being God so I no longer need to have everything figured out. Thank you for knowing me intimately. I give you the things in my life that give me anxiety. I give you the things in my life that make me fearful. Thank you for being safe. I trust you. Amen.