Noah did everything just as God commanded him. [Genesis 6:22]

So you probably know the story of Noah from childhood. You may have been read a picture book of Noah putting a bunch of fun animals in a boat and then floating around in a flood with smile on his face. And if that's not you, and you didn’t grow up in church, chances are you have heard of the life of Noah. He was a dude who built a giant boat because God told him to, and then he put his family and a bunch of animals inside of it to be safe from a huge flood. You can find the entire story of Noah in Genesis 6-9.

But have you ever thought about how crazy what Noah did actually was?

In Genesis 6, Noah received very specific directions from God about building the ark. And when you think about it, that probably had to sound crazy to everyone around him because he was building a huge boat… for a flood that I’m guessing people could not scientifically predict… that was supposed to be filled with animals from all over the world. In the eyes of the world, there’s no way that made sense. However, he followed everything God told him to do. But I can only imagine how crazy he looked to the people around him. What Noah was doing with his life probably didn’t make much sense to anyone except himself and his family, but Noah knew that he was living out the life that God wanted him to live.

So what can we learn from Noah?

If we are honest with ourselves, following Jesus in college isn’t the easiest thing. Even further, sometimes it is weird and seems crazy to other people. The truth is that sometimes following Jesus might look weird to the people around you. It might look weird to your family members, roommates, classmates and friends. Following Jesus might not be the most popular thing you can do in college, but it is SO worth it.

There is only so much that going downtown can do to fulfill you. There is only so much that keeping straight A’s and making a ton of money out of college can fulfill you. There is only so much that seeking affirmation from your friends can fulfill you. But in Jesus there is unlimited access to joy, peace in your mind, freedom and fulfillment. It is okay for people to not understand why you live differently, and you don’t have to let what they think be more important than what God says to you. You get to choose to honor God with the way you live, the way you speak, and the way you spend your time. In the way that God honored Noah by saving him and his family from the flood, God wants to honor your faithfulness to live a life for Him, even if it seems odd to those around you. Again, it is SO worth following God, even when it costs you something!



Jesus, I don’t want to have an ordinary experience in college. I want to know you more, and I want to follow you more. Reveal to me the life you want me to live. Reveal the things to me that give me more freedom and life. Help me to follow you even when it goes against what is normal. Amen!