Read about Mary of Nazareth here: Luke 1:30-38; Luke 2:19;  Luke 2:51

I think most of us know at least a little bit about Mary of Nazareth. We spend an entire season every single year singing songs about her story and putting her in the middle of our nativity scene decorations. It’s easy to see that she was chosen by God and to agree that she was highly favored. These things are true, but I want to highlight one aspect of Mary that we don’t think about as much – Mary was faithful. Mary’s role in the story of Jesus is awesome and important, but it was in no way easy. She was young, unmarried, and pregnant in a culture where this combination was the ultimate disgrace. Everything in her flesh was probably telling her to hide, avoid the embarrassment, and find a way out of the situation. Even after Jesus was born, it had to be tough for Mary. There were skeptics and there was a crucifixion. She had every reason to be frustrated and to be afraid, but we never see Mary flip out or run away. Mary was faithful in it all.

How did she do this?

She trusted God and she clung to what he had told her in the past to be true. We see her looking back and drawing comfort and strength from the things that God had once promised her. The things that God told Mary weren’t just big moments to forget once the hard thing was over, they were truths that she stored and treasured in her heart throughout her life.

Though we probably won’t have circumstances quite like Mary’s, her story can teach us a lot. For us, when things get sticky or unstable or when our circumstances are crazy, we can remember the things we know to be true about God. We can remember why we first decided to start following him in the first place, we can recall things that we have seen him do in our lives, and we can take truth straight from his Word that has encouraged us before. Like Mary, we can start to meditate and to ponder on these truths and let those things comfort us and sustain us during our own trials.


God, thank you that you are a God that has promised to be with me, protect me, and love me. Help me to recall all of the truths that you have taught me and teach me to reach for those things when I feel lost or alone. Teach me how to be faithful to you and to be obedient to your voice. Amen.