Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive your inheritance as your reward.
— Colossians 3.23-24 ESV

Paul is encouraging the church to work towards excellence in all they do. This would include things most people would categorize as “normal” or “average” and Paul is telling them to work at them as if God told them, “hey, clean your room today and bless your roommate”. For me that elevates the importance of my “everyday”. 

So often we get caught up with the happenings of our “spiritual lives” ex; time with God, prayer, church, small group etc. that we fail to see that God wants to move and be with us just as much in our “everyday” as he does in a worship service. This verse puts the average things in perspective and even says we will be rewarded by God for doing those things well. This must mean then that they are important; that the way we love our friends, the way we honor our commitments, the way we finish tasks with integrity will be rewarded by God.  

So if God cares about the small things, and here we see He does, then we get to invite God into so much more than just our times that are allocated to him specifically. This revolutionizes living for us. This means we can honor him with school, with our roommates, that he can be glorified and honored in all of it. That by doing our best with what we have been given, we are honoring God and ushering in his kingdom. However, I know that with our culture this verse can quickly become another way we don’t measure up, another test we have to pass, another way to get caught up in perfectionism and legalism. But God doesn’t want you caught up in religion. He wants you caught up in relationship with Him. So where does that leave us? We need to learn to live in the tension between honoring God with our best and striving for his love and acceptance, which we’ve already been freely given. I think his heart here is to challenge us to come out of auto pilot, see that our everyday matters, and invite him to help us do it really well. 


Invite God into your everyday, pray:

“Father, thank you that your spirit works in me to accomplish good works. I ask that you would help me do the things set before me with excellence and character. God I want to go ahead and invite you into every part of my life. I ask that you would renew my mind and would tear down any limits I’ve set up around where you are allowed. You are allowed into every part of who I am and every part of my day. Life is better with you in it. So please come and encounter me today, help me see the purpose in the “small- everyday” things. I love you so much, come and encounter me today. Amen”

- Merrick