A stingy man is eager to get rich and is unaware that poverty awaits him. // He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses. [Proverbs 28:22, 27]

The wisdom in these verses show us the significance of living generous lives. Here’s what these verses are saying: a stingy person who stubbornly holds onto money will bring upon themselves poverty instead of wealth. And on the other hand, one who is willing to generously give to the poor won’t be in need.

To be honest, it doesn’t make sense for us to think this way unless God is the originator of our blessing. James 1:17 reads, “Every good and perfect gift is from God.” So what this means for us is that our money really isn’t ours. The way God is calling us to handle money is as a good steward. In other words, we get the privilege of taking care of the money we have in a wise and productive way. (Jesus speaks about this way of living in Matthew 25:14-24 if you want an additional example.)

With this in mind, generosity isn’t a foolish financial choice, it’s actually a wise and appropriate response to what God has given us.

Living generously is an act of faith saying that God will continue to provide for you as you faithfully give away to others. There’s deep value in generosity.

  • Generosity directly blesses other people

  • This type of sacrificial love opens up your heart to loving others more deeply

  • You are filled with life as you generously give to others

  • God honors your choice to give generously, and He will bless your faith

Your generosity doesn’t have to look the way others might do it, but it will probably require some level of faith and sacrifice. And this is why generosity is difficult. I believe God is urging us to be the most generous people on earth, because when people experience the result of your generosity, they get to know a little more deeply what God is like. God is the most generous person in existence, and you get to reveal that part of His heart to other people. This week, find a way to be generous with the blessings you’ve been given.



God, I just pray that You will give me Your spirit of generosity. I ask that You will give me a divine wisdom of how to steward my finances and belongings in a way that honors You. I repent for wherever I tend to prioritize greed over giving. And I ask that You will continue to show me the way. I love You!! Amen.