In this series, we have asked the members of Freshley staff to choose a verse close to their heart and write on what they believe God is saying through it.

Because Your love is better than life, my lips will glorify You. [Psalm 63:3]

I think most of us are motivated by happiness. We look to do things we think will bring happiness and avoid everything else. We want fulfillment, we want to be satisfied, we want to enjoy life. I don’t think this is entirely wrong; in fact, I think biblically we are divinely created to be filled with life. Jesus Himself says that He came to bring the “fullness of life” (John 10:10). Our struggle is where we go to get satisfaction and fulfillment.

Most of my life I have tried to find or create gratification and enjoyment on my own terms. Trying to find it in people, accomplishments, relationships, reputation. The list goes on. Yet, the fulfillment is hardly sustainable—it’s a pattern of fixes that never truly fills me with life. When I first read this Psalm, God revealed the empty pattern I was living in. I realized that I was looking for life everywhere but God. At this particular stage of my life, I wouldn’t consider myself connected to God, but I began the process of discovering what it meant that God’s love could be better than life. I chose to invest myself in the handful of the Christian friends I had at the time and to really commit to discovering God for myself. In this process, I began to comprehend more deeply how crazy it is that God loves us and how transformational this love really is.

As I allow God’s love for me sink in deeper into my heart, I actually experience joy and peace and fulfillment because I am living the way I was created. We were never meant to look for life apart from God. Each one of us is designed for relationship with God, and He is where we actually experience the fullness of life.

I don’t know about you, but even as I have been following God for a while now, I still struggle with being tempted to look for life elsewhere. By all means, I should be fully aware of how pointless it is to try to find my satisfaction and fulfillment apart from God, but then there I am in that place again looking for another fix when I really just need the love of God.

How do we address this, and how do we avoid the deception of thinking the way that we used to?

I think the key is the second part of our verse… glorifying God. I notice that I go back into old patterns when I don’t take the time to recognize God and give Him praise for who He is and what He’s done in my life. I have learned that I need to worship God even when it’s hard. When I am consistently living a lifestyle that gives praise to God, the deception to think that there is life outside of God looks a lot less legitimate.



God, thank You for designing me to love and be loved by You. I repent for where I have sought fulfillment outside of You. Lord, I pray that You will lead me into full dependency on You. And in the midst of this process, I give You all of the glory. I love You, God. I am so thankful for Your love. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.