Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” [John 8:31-32]

If you are a freshman in college, I’m going to make the guess that you have, are, or will go through some journey or process of self discovery. You are learning more about your identity and who you want to be. You’re choosing what you want these next few years of college to look like. You’re making new friends. You’re deciding what you want to major in and what you want to do with your life.

There is a lot of new information. A lot of internal processing. A lot of learning truths about yourself. And as you are learning these new truths and deciding who you want to be and who God calls you, I think that God wants to speak to you about the truths that He has for you. The identity that He has set into place for you. The ways that you are allowed to be confident in who you are and who you are designed and created to be.

As you go through this process, there may be a chance that you uncover some lies that you believe about yourself. You hear God saying that you’re personality is amazing because He created you that way; but on the other hand, somewhere deep down inside you, you believe that you’re too little or too much. You feel that God is calling you into leadership; however, somewhere along the way, someone or something fed you the lie that people would never want to come under your guidance. I’m not sure what lies you’re believing, but if they’re there, I know that you might be feeling stuck or confused.

In these verses from John 8, Jesus tells us that that truth sets us free. So, what truths do you need to believe so that you’re able to walk into complete freedom? The enemy loves to feed us lies about ourselves. And he does it in a way that imitates truth, but let me say this: If there is something negative that you believe about yourself and it seems like there is no hope in it, then it is a lie from the enemy, and you are fully allowed to leave that lie behind you and step into the truth that God already has for you.

How do I align myself with this truth?

When you are believing a lie about yourself, ask God what the truth is that He has for you instead. And then do things that agree with this truth. Journal about the goodness that God has for you. Listen to worship music that agrees with what He says for you. Ask God to help you in every step of this process. Take your thoughts captive, and choose to believe truth over lies.

How does this work as part of the armor of God?

When we believe the truth that God says about us instead of lies that the enemy feeds us, we are set into freedom. And when we believe truth over lies, we not only get to walk into freedom for ourselves, our freedom will release freedom over others as well. It releases strongholds of the enemy, and we are able to walk into the joy and fullness that God promises us. And y’all, this truth is ours for the taking!!!! So walk in it, grow in it, meet God in it. It will be so, so worth it.



God, thank You for speaking truth over me when it seems that all I can believe is lies. I repent for believing lies from the enemy, and I just ask that You will lead me into the truth and freedom that You have for me. God, I thank you for the truth You say over me. Will you help me align myself with the truth You’ve set before me? I love You, and I am so thankful for You. Amen.