Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
— Hebrews 4:16 ESV

The best thing about this verse is that we get to draw near to God when we need Him the most because we have been given access to Him through Jesus dying on a cross. Before Jesus came and did that, the direct access we have to the throne, did not exist. Isn't that crazy?? We have only ever known a life where we get to approach Jesus with full confidence and even have a relationship with Him. It blows my mind that in the Old Testament and before Jesus came, that was so different from how our relationship with God can be now. 

This understanding is so important because it is crucial in us having an actual relationship with God. To be in a relationship with someone, it takes work on both ends and is most definitely a 2 way street. If only one side is putting in any effort, the relationship is going to suffer. That is why Jesus had to come, so that He could show us how to be in a relationship with the Father. So, He came to show us what a healthy and active relationship with God looks like-work on both ends, Jesus seeking after God, and God seeking His son right back. Both sides are relentlessly pursuing after each other.

reach out

So since we have been given the full access to God and a relationship with Him, why wouldn't we take full advantage of that and seek God in all we do. Seek His counsel, His comfort, His love and wisdom?? He is waiting for us for whatever we need and He loves to answer our prayers and absolutely loves just hearing from us. He loves being in relationship wit you. You were created for this relationship with Him--don't forget that. We have the King of Kings at our side at all times, don't forget how important that is! So reach out to God, ask Him questions, pray for things, and know He is there when you are in any kind of trouble and that He is quick to answer. 


God, Thank You for the gift that you Son is. Thank You that because He came and died, I now get to have full access to a relationship with You. Help me to draw near to You not just in the times of need, but in the times when life is really good and really easy. I want to grow in our relationship and know You better. Thank You for who You are and that You are in control. Amen. 

- Alex Raines