If you are anything like me, you may have heard the name Mary Magdalene or possibly even could place stories that you have heard her be a part of. I had never really thought much about who she was and what her role was in the Gospels. I encourage you to find a translation that has the Mark account that includes verses 1-19. We get a look at the access that Mary had to Jesus and really the significance she must have had for Jesus to reveal Himself to her first after His resurrection.

a faithful follower

One thing that sticks out to me as I read about Mary Magdalene and the different accounts and passages that she appears in is that she was a faithful follower of Jesus. In fact, when she is first mentioned it Mark 16 it says that Mary was carrying spices to anoint Jesus's body. This shows to me that she not only followed Jesus as He was performing miracles, teaching, and driving out demons (it is noted that seven demons were driven from her), but there was still a dedication to honor Jesus even after He died. I believe that this should be an encouragement in the faith and dedication that Mary had who Jesus was/is.

As Mary continued to devote herself to Jesus, I believe that she was rewarded for her faith as Jesus revealed Himself to her. Mary had not given up on Jesus. When some people felt like Jesus had not come through in the toughest adversity, Mary had the faith to still know and honor Jesus for what He was due. As she had cared for Jesus during His time of ministry, Mary continued to care for Him even when He seemed distant/gone. Let us be a people who dedicate ourselves to honoring God no matter the circumstances we are in. Let us push forward knowing who God is and knowing who we are even when our lives or other people try to tell us differently. We can do this all in confidence of the resurrection and what that means for us as first revealed to Mary Magdalene.


God, thank you for the salvation you provided through your son Jesus in his death and resurrection. Thank you for the example of Mary Magdalene and her faith in dedication in how she honored You. Please give me the grace to push on to do the same. Amen.

- Daniel Bailey