Who is Mary of Nazareth?

As a young girl, Mary lived in Nazareth, a village in Galilee. Mary’s story is told mostly in Luke, beginning with the story of the angel appearing to Mary and telling her she would be the mother of Jesus so that Jesus could be fully man (He was/is already fully God.) Later on we see Mary multiple times throughout Luke with the story of Joseph, the birth of Jesus, at one of Jesus’s first miracle workings, etc.

What do we learn from Mary?

When we look at the life of Mary of Nazareth, we learn that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things…in Mary’s case potentially the MOST extraordinary thing to ever happen to all of mankind. He used a young girl, Mary of Nazareth, to bring in the Savior of the world. She was ordinary...she wasn’t wealthy or abnormally intelligent, she was just a woman obedient and fully surrendered to God.

While you probably won’t be the next virgin Mary, God will use you to do extraordinary things for His Glory. When we are obedient and fully surrendered to God, there isn’t a thing He couldn’t do through us.


Lord, we want to be fully surrendered to you and quickly obedient to the things You are asking. We want to have the faith to trust what you say…to trust what you want to do through us so we ask that You would give us an increase of faith. We love you. Amen.