How many times do you think about doing something and 5 minutes later it slips your mind?

So many times I have the thought in my head, "I should do this", and then seconds later I have forgotten and am on to the next thing. Sometimes I forgot to pay rent on the first of every month (thankfully there is a three day grace period). Sometimes I look at a text and tell myself I will text the person back later only to never actually text them back. I think this is how it is for us sometimes when it comes to thankfulness. It is something we think about in our head but very rarely follow through. Most of the time when we do vocalize our thankfulness it is in very obvious situations in which we know we should. Like at Christmas when you get a present, or when you go home and mom and dad slip you some gas money and a few groceries. Like when you take communion at church and have nothing to say to God other than "thank you". It is very easy to say thank you in those moments because it is the appropriate response, but I think we miss out on so many opportunities to say thank you in every day life.

where do I start?

There are probably many people in your life who you could thank for something they have done for you or given you. The people who have influence over you would be great people to thank. That might be a mentor or some sort or a parent. You have friends in your life who probably deserve a thank you for sticking with you throughout life and being a constant encourager. Take time to think about people in your life who deserve a thank you, and take time to vocally say thank you to them over the rest of this break.

Voicing thankfulness also doesn't stop with people. You can also voice your thankfulness to God. Yeah, you might feel a little weird driving in your car or sitting in your room thanking God, but hey, why not give it a try? If we can vocalize your thankfulness to other people, I also think we can vocalize our thankfulness to God.

In either way, challenge yourself to vocalize your thankfulness, especially when it isn't easy. Should you still say thank you to the Chick-fil-a cashier when they give you your sauce, drink, and table marker? Definitely. But there are so many other opportunities to vocalize your gratitude other than that. There are so many other people in your life who you should say "thank you" to.


To end, you can pray this:

Jesus, I thank you for what you did for me on the cross. Thank you for your love for me. Thank you for the people you have surrounded me with my entire life. As I voice my gratitude to them for who they are, I pray that you would encourage them and build them up. Place in me a thankful heart, and help me to voice my gratitude to you and the people around me more often. Amen.

- Nick