As we enter into the holiday season, "thankful" becomes a very prominent word in our vocabulary. There is literally a holiday named for this feeling that overwhelms us this time of year. While Thanksgiving as a whole is a gateway into declaring what we are thankful for, we often overlook it's better half: Gratitude.

what is gratitude?

Gratitude is the action that comes from thankfulness. Being thankful is so important, because it unlocks the feelings we have inside for the things that make us who we are, but gratitude and gratefulness are where we show this kindness to others. True gratitude leads us into a place of humility that can further push us into community with those we love, strangers, and God. Understanding that gratitude is an action is important, because we have to surrender our own needs to care for others through genuine love and kindness. 

There are many things that we are thankful for in our lives, and most of the time we genuinely mean what we say when we are thankful. Imagine how different our lives could look if we lived in a place of constant gratitude for the things we have been given, how we are loved, and the relationships we invest it. As move further into this season of thankfulness, begin to think about what your life can look like when you surrender yourself and live a life of gratitude. 


Thank you. Thank you for what you have given me and how you love me. I am grateful for the choice to love you and the overwhelming love I receive from you. I ask that you help me walk in gratitude in everything that I do. Surrendering all that I am to serve you from the bottom of my heart, giving you everything that I am. Use me to love others and show them their place and value in my life. Help me honor the ones I love by caring for them like you have cared for me. God, I ask that you would be the one who I model my life after by living a life of thanksgiving and truth.
you are good. I am loved by the one who created everything and you chose to create me. Thank you, Jesus. I love you. 

- Kelly