Gentleness is often a fruit of the spirit that gets the most overlooked. When we think of gentle, normally we think of those who are weak, passive, or walked on. However, gentleness and submissiveness are not the same thing. God trusts those who are gentle in love. In Matthew 5:5, Jesus said “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” Gentleness is the humble and meek attitude of wanting to help other people instead of wanting to be superior to them. Jesus handled people in their sins with gentle care but also loved people so much that He wanted what was best for them. He was never shaken, and always steady in God’s will. When we think, speak, and act out of place of gentleness, we are putting our heart is in the right place to be used the way God intended. 

gentleness is powerful

Gentleness is powerful. God has all the power in the universe, yet when we mess up He comforts us with gentleness to lead us back on the right path. Think back to a time when you may have felt hopeless. Whether that hopelessness looked like losing a loved one, feeling stuck in a bad relationship, or not measuring up to what was expected of you. What propelled you out of hopelessness? If I could guess, it was probably gentleness. It was someone that spoke considerate words to you, someone that gave you grace when you messed up, or someone that just tenderly cared for you. Gentleness matters because it displays humility and self-control. When we act gently towards others, we are communicating that our love for them outweighs our own pride. Not only will you love others better when you act in the spirit of gentleness; but God also promises that you will find rest for your soul. 

When Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would be better for us than even Himself, He in part said that because the Holy Spirit is what makes us more Christlike. Therefore, in order to have the fruit of gentleness we must pray and ask the Holy Spirit to make us more like Him because He is the only one who can. By doing so, we are saying no to our self-seeking flesh, and yes to walking in God's abundance. Asking Jesus for gentleness and being obedient to what He says will affect the way you relate to others, the way you correct others, and the way you treat others because you will be more aligned with God's heart.        


Jesus, thank you for your outrageous love for me. Thank you for giving me the Holy Spirit so I can be more like you. Allow me to act with gentleness like you did so I can love others the way you first loved me. Amen.  

-Sarah C