You probably all have your "go to" apps for everyday life, but we took the liberty of asking our students, friends, and staff what their favorite apps are so we could share them with you. Also, all of them are free. You can thank us later :) 

1. Venmo

This is probably my #1 used app. Venmo links to your bank account to make it easy to pay your friends back without having to go get cash. Now you can ask your friend to pick you up a coffee on her way to class without feeling bad for not having cash to give her when she gets there. 

2. Quizlet

If you haven't already used the Quizlet website to study with flashcards, you'll be there soon. This app lets you get those flashcards on your phone. Now the next time you're stuck on an Orbit bus for 30 minutes, you can study for Spanish at the same time. 

3. Hooked

Like food? Like deals on food? Hooked provides you with deals on food around Athens. These deals show up on the live feed, and they change throughout the day. 

4. Pocket Points

Let's face it, sometimes it's hard not to pick up your phone and scroll through Instagram in your 300 person lecture class. If you need some extra motivation to pay attention, get this app! Basically, whenever you're on campus you can open this app and gain points for not touching your phone. With these points you can get rewards. (e.g. free milkshakes)

5. Facebook Messenger

College is weird. You meet new people every day. You may find a stranger's ID card on the bus and need to find them online to tell them. This app makes those situations and many more much easier to navigate. 

6. Chick-fil-a One

A staff favorite, ordering on this app lets you skip the line, get points toward free food, and pay using your phone. It makes getting Chick-fil-a easier, and that's never a bad thing. 

7. Retail Me Not

This is another one for you bargain hunters. RetailMeNot has printable coupons and coupon codes for restaurant and clothing stores. 

8. VSCOcam

Tired of Instagram's filters? Try this photography app! It has great filters and editing tools that will take your pics to the next level. 

9. Waze

Powered by Google Maps, Waze is a traffic map app with user submitted updates to alert you when there is traffic (and to tell you how to get around it).