Waiting. We can all wait. We all have the ability to do that, mostly because we all have had to wait for something or someone at some point in life. Whether it was in line to check out at Kroger, or for your sister to get out the bathroom so you could blow dry your hair, or for your turn to try out for the lead role in the play or varsity team in high school. Waiting isn't a foreign concept to us. But let's think back to those times when we had to wait for something....think specifically about the attitude you had while having to wait.

You see, the fruit of the spirit patience isn't necessarily about waiting, but about your attitude while in the waiting.

"Patience is not about the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting." -Joyce Meyer

We can all wait, but what example do we set while in the waiting? Are we frustrated with the circumstances we can't change? Are we hopeful that good things will come? Are we angry that we even have to wait? And let's not limit patience to things of this world, what does our attitude when God doesn't give us what we ask? Or makes us wait when we don't want to?

We need patience. The only way to have a good attitude while waiting, is through the help of the Holy Spirit. Our natural human tendency when it comes to waiting is to feel entitled to not to have to wait, thinking our time is the most important and that everyone else should in the world should adhere to our schedule....but that is just not how life works. Things are going to come up, people are going to be late, and you are going to have to wait.

So how do we wait well and full of patience? First, we ask the Holy Spirit to help us. The Holy Spirit is our helper, waiting to help us, so we ask for help and we wait for opportunities to arise that would normally frustrate, anger, or sadden us, we ask the Holy Spirit to fill us with, love, joy and peace instead, slowing our negative attitudes, and allowing time for God to work to increase our patience. Taking deep breaths doesn't hurt either :)

"Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly." Proverbs 14:29

- Alex Raines