Our final series this semester will be Doing College Well. Our staff will be discussing their college experience - what they did well and what they wish they would have done better. Enjoy!

Balancing Community + School

My freshman year was a mix of excitement all around me and some feellings of being on the outside of some things. I finally gave myself over to community halfway through my second semester, and it made a huge change in how the rest of my freshman year went. I had people that I could hang out with and who knew me, and it all came because I made a decision to invest and invest deeply. Because of that, I decided that I wanted to stick in Wesley and join leadership for the next year.
I took academics way too seriously throughout high school so I kind of flipped to the opposite end of the spectrum in college and focused on community way more than assignments. I wish I had given some more effort in my classes to set myself up better for the working world.

Give Yourself to The Things You Love

Getting involved in Christian community was the best thing I did while in college. It benefited me to have people in my life that would hold me accountable to the things I say and challenge me in my walk with God. I wish that I had been more open in my discipleships because I think I missed out on some growth opportunities because I didn't open up as much to my discipler.

Most of the things I did for fun fell outside of commitments (academics, extracurriculars, and job). I loved going on adventures late night with my friends. Usually, I would wake up, go to class, nap, and then find some people to hang out with if I didn't have some other commitment at night. We would play games, climb on buildings, make dinner together, and much more. I would encourage everyone to form some sort of dinner club with friends once you're off meal plan. There is just something special about homemade meals with loved ones. I also loved getting people together to do sports. A love of spikeball grew and grew throughout college and that was one way that I got friends together and stayed active.

Doing the First Summer Well

My first summer in college was definitely my toughest. I had created great community at college, and I went back home and worked a minimum wage job scooping ice cream all summer. My friends and I did organize some hangout times throughout the summer which definitely helped. I wish that I had taken more time to invest in the relationships of people who didn't live close to me whether that had been calling or texting or whatever. Your community you have formed in Athens isn't relegated to Athens so it's important to live like that throughout the summer.

- Daniel Bailey