Paul reveals to the Galatians and to us, that in the life of the christian there are two opposing forces. There are the desires of the Holy Spirit within us and the desires of our sinful nature. He tells us, "These two forces are constantly fighting each other." And as we give ourselves to either the desires of the Spirit or the desires of our sinful nature, we naturally produce fruit accordingly. The fruit of our sinful nature expresses itself differently, but Paul reveals that ultimately they fruit is "decay and death". The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

We often look at this scripture and assume this only applies when we are making a decision or in certain situations when our fruit will be public. We act as if there is a neutral place where we live and in certain moments we will either choose our sinful nature or the Spirit. However, every moment of every day we are faced with the choice of sowing into the Spirit or sowing into our sinful nature. There is no neutral ground. We are always sowing into one or the other and the fruits of the Spirit in our lives is our indicator.

Paul urges us to "not get tired of doing what is good" or sowing into the Spirit. Everyday we must come to God and invite Him into our lives. We must choose to sow into the life of the Holy Spirit, and what waits for us is a harvest of blessing that exceeds anything we could ever imagine.

Thank you for your Holy Spirit that lives inside of me. Thank you for your character that is displayed through the fruits of your Holy Spirit. Help me choose you everyday and sow into your Spirit. Highlight to me ways that I can everyday. Conform my character to yours.

- John Meyne