God's faithfulness to us is not conditional or dependent on our faithfulness. God's character and therefore, his faithfulness, is constant and unchanging. He has created and claimed every one of us for himself, so he can not deny pursuing each of us and leading toward good things, regardless of what season we find ourselves in. God is always faithful to the promises he makes to us.

Faithfulness is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, which are reflections of God's character and nature. Through this passage we are able to see a clearer picture of what the faithfulness of God looks like. And if we are to desire seeing the fruit of God's faithfulness in our life, it is important for us to understand what it looks like. God's desire is for all of us to receive the gift of his faithfulness through the Holy Spirit, and step into a life of faithful devotion to him like his is faithfully devoted to us. However, even when we are in short supply of faith in God, He remains by our side. He still fights for us and continues leading and calling us toward his glory and goodness. He never distances himself from us or abandons us when we feel like we have disappointed him. He stays true to his word and loves us unconditionally, and only desires for us to love him and seek him in return.

One of God's promises to us is that if we ask, then we shall receive. So I would like to challenge you to ask for an increase of the fruit of faithfulness from the Holy Spirit. Ask God to increase your faith and to give you the strength to choose faithfulness to God, especially for the times when choosing to be faithful is hard or doesn't make complete sense. Boldly ask for more faith, knowing that even in the moments when you are struggling to have any faith at all, God's faithfulness to you and your growth never falters or diminishes. God is constantly choosing you in every moment and he is always joying saying yes to being faithful to you, no matter what has happened to you or you have done.

For God to lead us into a faithfulness to him that is as constant as his faithfulness is to us. That we would always be joyful and eager to choose him above all things. And that we would know the goodness He has for us when we choose him.

- Will Goodwin