Love Never Gets Old

I have heard many sermons on love. I have heard more times than I can count about the different types of love in the Greek language that are mentioned throughout the New Testament. The love of God is called agape love which is a total, unconditional love. Sometimes it can be easy for me to begin to tune out those talks because I think that I've heard it all. I'm going to encourage you to stay with me through this. The words I write may not be new, but the way God speaks to you through it can be. God is surely bigger than the words we write.

Love is Better Than We Think

One thing that I always get when I read Scripture is how selfless and sacrificial biblical love is no matter if it is for God, a significant other, a friend, or even an enemy. Love sacrifices convenience to meet the needs of another person. Love is living out the worth of other people regardless of their current state. When God created humans, He called us good. We have to believe that for others, and we have to believe that for ourselves.

Anyone, Christian or not, has heard, "Love one another as you love yourself." People tend to emphasize the first part without giving due diligence to the latter. We cannot neglect either part because both are crucial. For the person who loves his or herself, show others that love too because they deserve it. For the person who thinks that only others are worth loving, don't forget God called you worthy too. If we don't understand that we are worth loving, then can we truly give a love that we think is worth receiving? Have we truly understood God's love for us so much that it can be given from us?

Where Love Comes From

Since love is a fruit of the Spirit, we don't have to create it on our own. We are not the origins of love. 1 John 4:19 tells us that we love because God first loved us. The Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us is producing the perfect kind of love that we and the others around us need. Let us surrender our understanding of love and let true love flow from us from the one who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.


God, thank for the love that You have for me. Give me an understanding of that love. Show me the things You love about me so I can truly love myself. Help me show that love to others. Cultivate a heart that desires to love others no matter the place they have in my life, and show me how to do that well. Thank you that I can believe that you want to and will do that. Amen.

- Daniel Bailey