Fully Convinced

Paul begins this passage by attempting to level the playing field. It was a common conflict between Jews and Gentiles as to what days of the week were Holy. Some people thought only certain days were set apart for worship, therefore some days were better. But what Paul is trying to get them to see is that for issues to where there is not a black and white answer, we should listen to our own personal convictions, "each should be fully convinced". However, this does not mean that whatever you think is right all of the time. What we are convinced of should always be honoring to God.

The Purpose is to Honor Him

Paul is explaining that as people we will have differing thoughts and convictions, and that is okay. What matters is that are fully convinced in our minds that what we believe is honoring to God. Submit your thoughts to God. Learn from His word. When you know that what you believe lines up with the character of God and is honoring to Him, then you can be fully convinced and allow your convictions to stand. However, that does not mean that you have licence to then tell others that they are wrong. We are all different people and we will all have different thoughts, emotions, convictions, etc. But, as long as where we stand honors God, that's all he asks of us.

Remove What Hinders Intimacy With God

This practically shows up the the form of boundaries a lot of times. Some people you know may have a different conviction with boundaries than you do. Maybe to them, having a curfew with their significant other of 9pm is their conviction. However to you, that may look different but your relationship is still honoring to both the other person and to God. Both of those options are okay. Paul just wants people to understand that whatever they do, let themselves be fully convinced that they are honoring God. So look at your life and ask yourself if you are honoring God in your decisions. If you're not, allow him to come and show you how you can honor him. He wants to show you. He wants intimacy with you.


Father, I pray that you would reveal the places on our lives that we need to fully honor you. I pray that it would be easy to choose the things most honoring to you. Thank you for your trust in us to be able to choose to honor you. Thank you for who you are, God. We love you.

- Laura DeGroot