The Good News

Because someone hears the Good News of Jesus Christ, it does not mean they will welcome the truth into their lives. We can see this exemplified through Israel. They were God's chosen people and they were the ones the truth of Jesus was given to first. Their prophets foretold of Jesus, the King they had been waiting for. However, He did not meet expectations they had for what their King would be like. Israel was looking for Jesus but missed Him. The Gospel was then spread to those who were not even looking for it, the Gentiles. This only cause greater rebellion in God's chosen people, but God will not stop revealing Himself to them.

He Loves You Deeply

God wants to reveal Himself and the reality of Jesus Christ to you. Regardless if you were looking for Him or not, He wants you to know Him and to have life in Him. We serve a God who is unbelievably patient and merciful to us. Even when we deny Him over and over again, He waits lovingly for us to come to Him. He is quick to pour out His Spirit in us and love us when we ask.


In what ways have you been denying God? Do you have a fear to come to Him? God is inviting you to search yourself and lay everything you find at His feet. What you will find waiting for you is a gracious and kind Father, who is excited to be with you. He will fight for you. Let Him. He will call you to Him. Draw near to Him.


Would you search me and know my heart? I lay at your feet every part of me. I confess I still run from your truth at times. I confess I have fear to fully believe the Gospel you present. But thank you for faithfully and patiently pursuing me. Give me grace to believe it.

- John Meyne