We are Children of God

The point of this passage is to clearly communicate that there is nothing that has the power or authority to ever remove or separate us from the love of God. Not even factors such as death, spiritual beings, or anything else in existence that has the ability to separate one human from another, has the ability to separate us from God's love, because his love for us is greater than all of those things. And we were not simply created to be like gladiators, who are trapped in a continual cycle of battle. But we are made for much more than the life of a warrior. We were made to live in the place of victory that Jesus has given to us. We are made to receive the abundance of goodness and joy God has for us. We are more than just conquerors through Christ. We are co-heirs and children of God in His kingdom.


It is important to know what God made us and sent his son to die for. God did not create us with endless struggle and fighting as the primary purpose in mind. He did not go through all the trouble of giving up and sacrificing Jesus on the cross just so we would be equipped with tools for battling against sin. God created you and me to be his sons and daughters and therefore heirs to his kingdom. And he gave up his son so that we could finally step out of the warriors lifestyle, and finally live and walk in the true victory of Jesus' resurrection from death. And it is our victory in Christ that leads us into the abundant life God has for us as his children.

Made For More

Often times, when we feel like we have sinned, messed up, or disappointed God, we feel like we have been cut off and separated from the love of God, either by the sin itself or by God. From now on I want you to walk in the truth of this passage, that there is nothing that could ever separate you or cut you off from God or his love. God has overcome all things. Remind yourself of this truth as often as it takes to truly believe it. Repeat it to yourself multiple times throughout the day. I also want you to remember that you were made for more than just struggling with sin. You are already standing in the promised land of freedom. Set out and explore this promised land of God and stop looking back into the land of slavery and struggle and picturing yourself being there instead. If you find your sins and mistakes dominating your thoughts, turn your focus to Jesus and remember that you are justified by God to stand in his presence. You were made to take off the armor of battle, and live in the victory and freedom of being a son and daughter of God. To take pleasure and joy in the presence and blessing of God.


My prayer is that we would all have a fresh understanding that there is nothing that can overcome us. There is nothing that can separate us from God or his love. That we would know and believe that Jesus is praying and fighting for each one of us by the Father's side. That as sons and daughters who are justified by God, we are deserving of all of the good things God desires to give us. And that we are made for more than just fighting against sin, but walking in the truth and joy of God's presence.

- Will Goodwin