If you listen to one thing from this passage, I want you to hear this: you have new life through Jesus.

When we decide that we want to follow Jesus, when we give our lives to him, we then take on a new mindset. We are actually set apart from this world and given a new perspective that is of God. So what does that look like realistically? It means that we live by a different rule book. We don't have the same perspective as we used to. This could look like when you used to want to go downtown on the weekends, but now you've found it to be empty and you don't have a desire to do that anymore. Or it could look like you really wanted to own a business and accumulate lot of wealth, but now you see that what brings you life is to serve others, and money isn't much of a priority. These changes come from the Lord moving your mindset to be in line with his. His thoughts, his desires, etc, are not of this world and therefore conflict with this world. That is why when we move towards him, the thoughts and desires of the flesh fall away, or become less appealing because they cannot coexist as a single perspective.

You have chosen the Spirit. You have chosen to follow God therefore you have the Holy Spirit. You have the living God inside of you who wants to pour out his new mercies everyday. Because we live in this world, we will always have a struggle with the desires of the flesh; the desires that are not of God. But, that's not where the story stops. Because we have the Holy Spirit we have new life every day. He enables us to fight the desires of the flesh and he revives us every day. He enables us to say no when we know something isn't good for us. That still small voice that leads you is powerful. Listen to it. The more that you listen the more you will know his voice.
Every day is new. Everyday you can choose the life God wants to give you. You just need to be open and ask.

- Laura DeGroot