Athens is known for it's amazing cuisine. If you're new to Athens, it's probably a little overwhelming to know where to visit - here are some of our staff's favorite local Athens restaurants. In no particular order:

1. Cali & Tito's

Many of you have passed Cali & Tito's on South Lumpkin Street - it's an interesting-looking outdoor restaurant that serves delicious Cuban food. If it's not a good day for an outdoor meal, check out their other location on the East Side of Athens. This Cali & Tito's is a huge, indoor restaurant filled with fountains, picnic tables, and crazy decor. This would be a great place for your group of friends to go!

2. Clocked

If you haven't tried Clocked yet, it should be the next place you and a group of friends go for dinner. They are famous for their incredible burgers (and don't forget the sweet potato fries). There may be an ingredient you're not sure about, but there isn't a sandwich that's not amazing. This downtown restaurant also offers indoor or outdoor seating.

3. Last Resort

If you're looking for a good date night restaurant (or just want an upgrade on your dinner out), Last Resort is the place to go. The food is amazing and you'll get an excuse to dress up - don't forget to save room for cheesecake!

4. Brett's

Brett's is a personal Wesley favorite. You're likely to see a Wesley staff member working at Brett's if you go for dinner or on the weekend. If you're interested in casual, American food such as burgers or nachos, Brett's is the place to go.