There are a lot of amazing Christian books out there, so we wanted to share a few of our current favorites if you need a place to start! Most of these books are available on Kindle or at Barnes & Noble.

1. Keep Your Love On

Many of our staff members recommend this book for someone wanting to grow in they handle relationships - friends, family, or dating. The focus of the book is helping the reader understand healthy ways to handle relationships, emotions and their heart. Whether you're great at relationships or still unsure, this book will definitely help shift your perspective and attitude towards the relationships in your life.

2. Scary Close

This book is also great for those who want to grow in relationships and intimacy. Donald Miller vulnerably tells the details of his story to understanding the depths of intimacy in relationship. The authenticity of this book will help you pinpoint some of the cycles you may get in with relationships that you're not really sure how to put words to and discover ways to stop these cycles from continuing. 

3. Knowledge of the Holy

This is an incredible book to help you grow in your understanding of God's character. Tozer goes through several different aspects of God and describes his personal understanding of who God is. The writing style of this book is straightforward and relatively thought provoking, so this could be a good book to read a chapter a day.

4. Pursuit of God

This is another one of Tozer's books, that has a slightly different focus from the other. Tozer's goal in this book is solely to get the reader to burn for relationship with Jesus. Again, He speaks in a straightforward manner about the things that could potentially hold us back and the heart change that needs to happen to truly be in love with Jesus.