As college students, we know that coffee is extremely high on the list of priorities. We agree, so we've come up with some of our favorite Athens coffee shops. Some because their coffee is amazing and some because of the atmosphere - and some because of both! 

1. Two Story

Two Story has a special place in our hearts. There's almost no doubt that you'll see someone from Wesley when you walk in the doors of this coffee shop. You can study upstairs or sit downstairs to socialize. The coffee and tea are both absolutely amazing! Located in the 5 points area across the street from Earth Fare.

2. Ike & Jane's

Not only do we love their coffee, but the food is amazing, too! If you're looking for a great breakfast spot, Ike and Jane's should definitely be at the top of the list. (Don't forget to try a doughnut).

3. Jittery Joes in Watkinsville

While we love all Jittery Joes, we specifically recommend this one if you're trying to get a little bit outside of Athens. The drive to Watkinsville is beautiful if you go to the end of Milledge and take a right, plus you really can't beat Jit Joes coffee! Make sure to get a stamp card so you can accumulate enough for a free coffee!

4. Walkers

During the daytime, Walker's downtown is a coffee shop that's great for studying or hanging out with a friend. It's normally a pretty calm environment with outside seating available. To be honest, I don't think I've ever had a better vanilla latte than at Walker's (and I've had a lot of vanilla lattes).